Sunday, July 10, 2011

Using the "way back" machine

Slipping back in time to 1878 I took a photo just for Parker.

OK, so I stole Parker's photo and played with it a little. It's 101 here today and I needed something to do that would make me look busy so Cheryl wouldn't make me go out and work in the heat! LOL


  1. I recognize that pic! Sure looks like 1878. The graininess (is that a word?) adds to the feel along with the the sepia tones. Good work on a Super Exposure!LOL

    Record 110F yesterday and 107 today!

  2. Nice rework of an already nicely composed photo. Could be from the 1870s alright!

    62° here today got up to 65° yesterday!

  3. That is cool. My camera works better in the Cool!!LOL

  4. This photo it looks like cut out from the news paper.


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