Friday, July 29, 2011

Small Town U.S.A

For this shot I took photos of two different streets, blending the two sides together and then I painted in the bricks and grass to make it look like an old street. Just kidding Parker!! This is an actual photo. LOL

This was taken with the Sigma 10-20mm. As much as I hate to admit it, I should have been using a tripod on this one so I could set the f stop to 16 or 20. Shooting handheld I could only get to f11 and that didn't give me the focus I was looking for in the distant objects. I just didn't want to be out there that long in the heat!


  1. I like this alot! This could have been my hometown. Brick streets and brick sidewalks in mine. A little rough to drive on but they last forever. Not many left now days.

    The grass growing between the cracks emphasizes Smalltown!

    I don't know but you might be living in the middle of a wealth of photo subjects or at least enough to occupy until the weather breaks. Got any old buildings in that Burgh?

  2. This picture remind of me living in Savannah Georgia. Good luck to shoot in the shade without the tripod on f/16 or f/20.

  3. You are correct Sensei, I thought I could wing it but it just didn't work. I was in such a hurry to get out of the heat that after I got home I realized I had the CPL filter of the wide angle.

    I could have gotten another stop or two had I not had that on there. I will go back next week and try it again WITH a tripod.

  4. Sorry Parker, I forgot to answer your question. There are a few old buildings here and there. There are several old houses and a few of them would probably make good subjects.

    I'll have to stop looking for a Hawaiian diver to photoshop and go look. LOL

  5. Very nice! I didn't know there were still streets like this around anymore... Great subject mater.

    I have found that you can get away with murder while handheld at 10mm but not a chance for example at 400mm in a shaded shot like this.


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