Monday, July 25, 2011

Hole in the wall

I have probably shared pictures of this place before but this is my most recent picture of this interesting geological feature just around the corner (2 mile hike by rugged beach) from Coal Harbour.

I drive by here all the time with my boat but I wound up hiking an hour or so by beach the other day and took this picture.


  1. My friend, this is a perfect composition. You have captured the view that lead to the background, and along with the reflections. I love this kind of the angle. Also, I would put someone outside of that cave leaning against the wall to bring out the image of the cave. Sometime, I like to add a corny idea to my photos. Good Work!

  2. Very, Very, nice! This is a great shot. I like the reflections in the water and the lighting is just about perfect.

    What you need is a pirate ship in the water! LOL

  3. I'm in full agreement with Q and Ron. A very well composed and executed shot. The way the shadow line in the water creates a path to the background makes me feel there are more interesting things to see ahead! The Hole in The Wall is just the first on this adventure!


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