Friday, July 22, 2011


On an outing last year Ron and I were visiting Buzzards Roost in Western Oklahoma. As we were driving there we were talking cameras and Lenses. Seeing that we were both using Nikons, he graciously offered me the opportunity to try out his Sigma 10/20 Wide Angle. I have been an admirer of both His and Paul's Pics from this lense since I was invited to join this Blog.

Carefully screwing this much admired Lense on to my camera body I stepped outside the blue Durango and began to compose my pics using this borrowed Lense. After every shot I would Preview the image on the LED screen. Proud,Content, and Happy was this picture taker!

Arriving home a week or so later pics were downloaded to the computer. LO! and BEHOLD!, Ron has trained His Sigma to Sign all pics taken by it when used for Landscape Photography if the SKY is involved!

Still saving pennies for one of these Beauts! Yes I Am!
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  1. Sure can get alot in one picture, Nice WIDE shot!
    You will really enjoy the addition of the Sigma 10-20 to your camera kit! Some days I go out shooting and at the end of the day realize I have had this lens on all day without touching the other lenses!

  2. Very nice! I love what you did with the colors.It kind of gives it that "just before a tornado" feel.

    I'll start watching the ground for pennies to add to your collection. LOL

    You really do need one of these lenses.

  3. Nice composition! One thing about trying out your buddy gears, you end up spending more money. But, it's a great investment you ever get.


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