Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Taking a walk around the Lake Shore noticed this four foot long man made cylinder. Made from formed and moulded concrete, this fluted shaped object seemed familiar.

At one time there was a lighted pathway following the contours of the water along the popular North Shore of Lake Overholser. The famed Route 66 ran a mere few yards from this pathway. Many travellers while taking a break from driving walked this scenic trail. The locals also frequently picnicked and enjoyed an afternoon or early morning walk along the same trail.

It finally came to light to me, so to speak. This familiar object laying at waters edge, was once a piece of one of the many lamp posts which held the lights that lit the path!
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  1. Very nice freeze frame of a dying piece of history. Great commentary too!

    I'm surprised you didn't jump in the lake while taking your stroll, I think it was something like 109 there today?

  2. I thought about it. 109 in Lawton, 107 in Yukon!

  3. Parker you have a sharp eye! Nice bit of history to go with too.

    Rout 66 is starting to look the same as what the Romans left behind, a nice road bed and a few fluted columns...

  4. Like I said before, you have a sharp eye. This picture won't mean anything if you did not have a story behind it. Thanks for sharing.


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