Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The " Long Hot Summer " is finally showing signs of weakness. One Hundred Degree Temps giving way to the 90's. Cleaning and making ready of the trailer is this weeks agenda. Next weeks will be clothes and stocking the pantry. Last, but not least , will be the food for the fridge and freezer.

I am sure I heard the light knock of Fall, or maybe felt is a better word, three mornings in a row! Either way I want to be ready! Even the Elk in my favorite mountains will begin to bugle soon!

Camera and Lenses cleaned ( check), batteries charged (check), tri-pod loaded , for Quynh Le, (check) ! All thats left is the paper plates and plastic money! Hook the truck to the trailer and lets go! It's " Adventure Time " !!
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  1. Well it's about time! I thought I was going to have to dig up all of this, er, I mean, photograph the mountains by myself! :~)

    Is that your dog in the background? LOL

  2. It looks like you are the man on the mission, and I'm glad to hear someone is ready for this Fall! Good Luck.

  3. This is what I should be doing right about now, but have to make hay while the sun shines as they say... Eventually it will slow down and we'll be off do do some camping of our own! By the way what kind of dog is that you have there? LOL!

  4. I just own a small interest in " OLE TONK " . I call his breed Tatonka but the books call it bison bison. I do know that his kind used to be native to this area but his kin came to the refuge from the New York City Bronx Zoo in 1907! I think he still has a little attitude left in him. No matter what I do he want let me pet him, heck he doesn't even like it when I try to get close. Once in a while if you talk nice and not get in his space he will let you take a picture of him. Forget trying to comb the burs out of coat. He would rather roll in the dirt then try to rub them out on whatever is handy. All I have ever seen him eat is the many grasses behind the house and out in the pastures. His bathroom habits are bad! He has no respect for your yard and weighing up to a half ton sometimes this gets alittle messey. One thing about him though he is very fast on his feet, ( just ask those boys riding their bikes that got to close to him ). Even with me yelling OLE TONK covered that 25yds in record time. Luckily for the boys he can also stop on a dime! They told me that Tonk wasn't any fun to play with. The only thing I can think to do with OLE TONK is just to Love him like he is, admire his stately profile and history and appreciate the opportunity to get to share his world every once in awhile! Would I miss him if he were gone? Terribly!!


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