Wednesday, August 11, 2010

West Coast In B&W

I saw a painting in our hotel have a similar effect like this one. Once, I arrived at this location, lucky enough it was a cloudy day, and I waited until the clouds covered the foreground. Then I try the following method. This shot it was on long exposures with no filter. Since the foreground covered with the clouds, so I intensional made the background blownout. Beleive me it wasn't hard at all, but it looks ugly in color.

After a long horseback riding in Jackson Hole. On our way back to the highway, this is what I found after I made a wrong turn. I did not like the background on this picture, so painted black. I hope you like it!


  1. WOW on both photogaphs! I can see that I'm going to have to start looking at my photos in B&W. There might be some real treasures hiding behind the color!

  2. Those are great. The first one has an erie,haunting, ghost like quality. I love it!

  3. I like the balck and white photos too even though I am partial to lots of color.

    That's an interesting technique for the first photo. It makes it look like a drawing.

    I really like the bottom one. With the black background this almost looks like it was an infra-red shot. Very nice!


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