Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blackberry blossom

The insect on the blackberry blossom was not a bee or wasp and not an insect I recognize, never the less it was doing it's part pollinating this years crop of blackberrys.

Handheld shot with Nikon 18-135. This lens has always produced sharp clean shots close in like this. The majority of pictures I take are with this lowly kit lens that originally came stock on a friends D80.


  1. That is a strange insect. It has wings you can see thru kind of like the cicada, (we call them locusts in Ok.). The eyes and head are kind of similar to our locusts but the body doesn't fit. We need an entomologist for an ID !

    From the quality and clarity of of that photo using the " lowly kit lens " I would call it my friend ! Nice work !

  2. WOW! I can see a lot of details in this photo. Good work.


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