Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's just a little smoke, honest!

I had to make a quick run back to Kansas overnight Thursday and when I got back to the house I saw smoke, lots of smoke!

My house sits just to the right of the small hill in the center of the photo and behind the lake. Although the smoke looked like it was coming from my house it was actually about four miles behind it. The refuge was doing a small "controlled" burn, about 4000 acres, and you could see the smoke for miles.


  1. I bet that was frightening to see that smoke from a distance! Nice photo.

  2. Apparently it is good for your cardio-vascular system to get your heart rate up from time to time, but I don't think this would count as good for your heart!

    Controlled burn in above 100° temps? Crazy!

    Good shot and beautiful countryside you live in too!

  3. You have to remember that you are talking about the federal government. Nothing gets done fast and their reasoning behind some of the things they do is just plain wacky!

  4. The upside of that photo is that pasture will sure be nice and green come spring. Nice shot!

  5. Do I have to teach you everything? LOL

    The upside is that all of the grass and brush will be gone so that you can see the "things" that might be on the ground that you couldn't see before when you are out hiking.

  6. Thats a better way of putting it! LOL CLEAN & GREEN !


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