Monday, August 16, 2010

Afternoon ride

Yesterday afternoon I put on my camera backpack and went for a ride. This makes it so easy to cover a fair bit of countryside and not be confined to just the road. Suddenly every trail and overgrown track are open to you and no problems getting over or under gates meant to keep cars out either!

The top picture is a place called Thomas Point overlooking Queen Charlotte Strait and the bottom picture is of a marshy area with dwarf trees that almost look like bonsai trees! The bottom picture is actually the best of two pictures put together in photoshop... The dead tree in the left foreground was out of focus in the nicest picture but not in another so I took the best of both. Also I took the trees in the background and blurred them a little to give more depth to the entire picture.
I'd like to come back to this place with the camera one morning when there is a low fog lying near the ground...


  1. Both of the photos have a meaning to go along with it. However, I have a question on the first picture. Is that your blue swim trunks on the ground? Nice photos!

  2. I agree with Quyhn, the first photo makes it look like whoever was riding the bike just stopped, stripped down and went for a swim. It makes it an interesting photo, you can make up your own story as to what happened to the bike rider.

    Layers huh? I've got to work on that!! LOL

  3. The first pic says a fun, carefree day!

    I like the way you were able to use two photos to make one. With all the tools available in digital photography it seems there is always a usable part of a pic!


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