Saturday, August 14, 2010

I could not come up the meaning of these photos, maybe you can!


  1. Wondering scene...., I like second one. "What is there"

  2. Let' see, the first one could be "framed by Mother Nature".

    The second one could be "how do I get there from here"

    These are both nice photos but I like the bottom one the best. It makes you want to know why that is the way it is. It almost feels as though it is bringing something from the horizon to the viewer.

  3. First one " In Memory Of "

    " Hop, Skip, and A Jump " for the second.

  4. Both interesting shots that make me want to go in and look around a little more!
    Can't think up any titles for these just now but the bottom photo brings to mind some of the Government work projects I've seen over the years! LOL

  5. LOL!!!!! That's funny Paul, and you're right, it does!!


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