Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Death Valley

Sorry everyone! I forgot to add the comments on these photos. These two photos were taken in the same location, the distance between the two pictures about 100ft. away. I have transformed the first picture into a desert looks from the photoshop, and it tooks me about 10 hrs. due to my horrible photoshop skills. Also, I was using polarizing filter on both pictures.


  1. Black&White Photo
    I feel the heat, the sun beating down on me, my parched lips, is that water in the distance? No, just a mirage!
    Stark-Hot-Bone Dry Desert-with a promise of life in the tree! For my money you just captured Death Valley!

    Color Photo
    Its hard to tell where the water starts and ends on tree. I feel we might get another great lesson on filters?

  2. I like both of these photos but I really like the bottom one a lot! The reflections from the water are fantastic!

  3. Both exelent photographs! Each worthy of a full page in a travel or similar magazine.

    So if you transformed the top photograph in Photoshop to a desert look, what did it look like before? Because it sure makes me thirsty just looking at it now!

  4. It makes me thirsty too! That is why taking too long to finished. Bottoms up my friend!


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