Sunday, August 22, 2010

Room with a view

Been going through a bit of a dry spell when it comes to photography lately. It's not from lack of taking pictures either, Lord knows I've taken lots! I'm so compositionally challenged...

Here's one that turned out to be interesting to look at. By it's self the beachfront home is no big deal but add the little row boat in the foreground and you have a picture.


  1. Good idea Paul! I would be nice if you have something in the foreground to make the picture more interesting. Good Work!

  2. Now theres a place that looks interesting! Room with lots of " Picture Windows ". A deck for the nice days. A shoreline for walks. A little boat just for fun! Only thing missing is me spending a few days on R&R!

  3. I used to take photos like this except there were people in the photo doing things they were supposed to do! LOL

    I agree about the boat, it changes the photo from just being a picture of a house to being a photo.


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