Sunday, August 15, 2010

Travel Lift

Ever wonder how they get a larger boat out of the water, one that's too big for a boat trailer? Here's one way, the machine holding this 48 foot steel fishing boat is called a "Travel Lift".

Though you can't see it in either of these pictures there are two paralell fingers that extend out over the water for the Travel Lift to drive out on to. The boat to be lifted positions it's self between the two fingers and is lifted by several large straps as you can see.

The real beauty of the Travel Lift is that it can drive around with a boat held in it's straps. Behind the boat in the lower picture is a boat yard and other boats lifted out by this machine.


  1. We're a full service blog, photos and an education too!!

    Nice commentary and photos, a little slice of life from up north.

    There are times after a holiday dinner I could use one of those lifts to get me to the couch!

  2. Good Pics + Good Story = Good Blog!! Thanks Paul!!


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