Thursday, August 12, 2010

CROPPED 5th&Main

Ron made the suggestion of cropping the sun out of this pic and making the reflection in the store window more of the focal point. I feel this improved the photo. While I was in Picasa 3 went ahead and enhanced the colors a little. What do you think?
Sun hitting top of Fifth and Main. Cropped and slight color enhanced.
Intricate brickwork on Methodist Church.
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  1. Very nice! Personally I like the top photo better that way but that's just me.

    How early are you gettting up? Just one car on the road? I'm surprised teh stop lights aren't all just flashing red. LOL For some reason I like this photo, I don't know why, it may be since you took it early in the morning and it conveys the feeling of a photographer out hunting for a shot.

    Intricate brick work? My first guess would have been somebody thought it was five o'clock somewhere way too early! LOL

  2. I think I like that crop to. Thanks!

    I wake up pretty early. Was on Main waiting on first rays of sun. And yes I was there hunting for some shots.

    My wife asked me why I included that shot of the brickwork!LOL Well I just liked it. That is a huge church and the brickwork has always fascinated me even as a kid running the streets of Yukon. Maybe Unorthodox to replace Intricate? Both terms work for me! LOL

  3. The top two photos have that sleepy little town just waking up look to them (Which it probably was).

    The bottom photo has that "Eager yet unskilled volunteer" look to it... LOL

    Have to love that "Golden Hour" light at the begining and end of each day!

  4. I like the bottom photo the most. Overall the golden lights makes all the photo unique. Good work Parker.

  5. Many, many thanks to Quynh Le !! I just knew it was fixing to cost me some big bucks trying to explain this pic to the congregation at the Methodist Church! I like it to Quynh Le. I think the vote stands at even now! Sorry poll is closed! LOL


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