Thursday, August 26, 2010

Way Up There

This first photo isn't the greatest in the world but I mainly took it to give some context to where the building is located. You want to look at the top of the mointain for the two peaks. The haze in the photo isn't haze, they are burning again and that is smoke. To give you an idea of how much they are burning the smoke was coming from a fire over ten miles away!

This is the shot I was going for but it's not as impressive unless you know the building is located at the top of a mountain on a long and winding road. I worked on it a little in photoshop to take out a railing that went across the front of the building. I also took this photo on a different day than the first photo. I wanted the blue sky in the background and not the smoke.


  1. Nice work! The blue windows against the white building brings the blue skies right into the pic. Great architectural pic. If the building is being used as a residence can you imagine the view from the rooms in the towers of the mountains and lakes?

  2. I think this actually started out as a small church but it has been empty as long as I have been here. It is at the very top of this hill and if you walk around the building you can see where the north wall is starting to collapse.

    I think there may have been some bad construction when they built the foundation.

  3. Nice set of photos and commentary to go with. Looks like you have the lighting just right in the second photo.

    Can't see any evidence of the railing you removed either, nicely done!

  4. Nicely done on the blue sky! The man knows when to use the CP filter. Good Work!


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