Sunday, August 22, 2010

An oldie but goodie

No rain here so I have been digging through some of my older photos again and reworking some of them in photo shop and playing with the Nikon Capture NX2 software.

I hate new computer stuff! I was just getting used to thinking I knew what I was doing with photoshop and now I feel like a dummy again with the NX2 software. Hopefully in a few months that will pass. LOL

This photo is one of a series I took a year or two ago while in St. Louis, MO for work. The master will be pleased because grasshopper used a tripod! LOL

I climbed a tower across the river from the arch, which technically meant I was in Illinois, and set up about a half hour before sunset and just kept shooting and adjusting the settings on the camera and shooting some more until it was completely dark. About 100 photos later I came away with about ten I really liked.


  1. Members of the Lewis & Clark Expedition would be proud !LOL

    Excellent pic and view of St. Louis at night with its Arch or Gateway to The West.

    Photoshop, NX2, software! My head hurts and I feel dizzy!! LOL

  2. The Master???? I'm just an amature that love about the photography, and willing to learn/share from the others. Anyway, it's a very nice picture for a big prints hanging in your office. Nice Work!

  3. You have the lighting perfect in this photo, the balance between the sky and the city skyline and reflections is just right! (And you used a tripod)

    Nice shot


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