Saturday, August 7, 2010


Behind my RV at Site#51 is the start of a hike or ending depending on from where you start. Spring and early summer offers an abundant array of colorful wildflowers to keep the hike moving. These pics were from early May. Elise Smith calls these" Sneezeweed" from her "Wildflower Watching in the Wichitas" book.
"Larkspur" was the name placed on this unique flower. The flowers in my last post were also found along this trail. I've never went back and counted the different species photographed on this day.
The Indian Blanket or as some like to call it " Firewheel " which is Oklahoma's state wildflower was well represented. This hike provides the photographer who might be interested in wildflowers and scenic landscape a wealth of opportunities !
At the end or beginning is Quanah Parker Dam which is a photography destination of it's own!
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  1. Great set of images love the Firewheel nice composition with the dam too.

  2. This is a great set of photos! I especially like the first and third photos. That dam photo at the end is pretty nice also. :~)

  3. Very nice set of photos and great commentary to go with! I agree with Ron on the 1st and 3rd photos.

    I'd love to see more photos of this very classic looking dam!

    I'll bet you could hike that trail out behind your place and find something differnt every season of the year!

  4. Paul maybe we could get Ron to drive over and take his Sigma 10-20 for a wide angle view of this dam!

    Your right about finding different things as the seasons change. I have seen spring, summer, and fall and hopeing for a winter trip with snow! This is one of my favorite campgrounds to visit with all its trails,historic features, and scenery.

  5. I love the dam picture! Good work!


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