Saturday, August 14, 2010

The rain falls mainly on the plain

For two days in a row we have had these mini thunderstorms come in. There will be just one small area with a dark cloud that has the thunder and rain but the rain only falls in a spot about a half mile wide and long. Both days it has happened in almost exactly the same spot which is about a mile from mile house.

I haven't benefited from any rain but it did cool the place down for about an hour.

On the second day I watched the themometer as the storm moved in and it went from 108 degrees to 89 degrees in just about ten minutes. About a half hour after the storm it was back up to 103 degrees!

I decided to get out and take some photos of the clouds this day. This first shot is of the mini storm dropping its rain.

Pots of Gold!!!! 
I caught this rainbow just after the storm stopped. I couldn't decide which end of the rainbow I should look at for that pot of gold. Taken with the Sigma 10-20mm with CP filter. I had to watch using the filter on this one because I could rotate it just to the right spot and actually make the rainbow disappear from the shot.

Another storm trying to build in the distance. I was really worried about this photo after I got home and started looking at them closer. I had set the exposure to -1EV and it came out way too dark but thanks to Elements I was able to save the shot.


  1. Always heard these called Cotton Showers! Sounds good to me!

    I think I would check each end and everything in between! That is one fine pic! Seems ever since you got that Sigma 10-20 and attached that CP filter your landscapes are improving with every outing! The clouds,color of the sky, shadows of the Mountains, and the color of the mixed grass prairie plus the rainbow to tie it all together, this is the Great Plains of Oklahoma!!
    Thanks for the Tip on the rotation of the CP filter!

    Good save on last photo! Looks like the algae is starting to build around the edges of the lakes.

  2. Very nice shots Ron! I have read that using a CP filter on an ultrawide lens doesn't work so well because of the wide angle covered by the lens. Obviousley they were wrong! That filter really makes the skys in these photos pop!

  3. I love that rainbow shot. It would be neat if you have Bride and Groom kissing under that rainbow.


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