Monday, August 9, 2010

With or Without Polarizer Filter

This is my best answer for previous post from Paul.
1. This is a perfect angle for this scenery. The railroad on the right have lead me to background, that's a great presentations.
2. I think you should preset the WB on this photo to make a little warmer.
3. Since you are shooting at f/22 in the afternoon, you should set the ISO at 400, and -1/2 or -1ev to compensated the brigth sunny day.

You were wondering if you should use the polarizer filter on this photo!
The photo on the bottom, I have added the polarizer filter on it from NIK software plug-in for Capture NX2. Also, I increased the WB to make it looks little warmer. However, I would recommended to use the ND filter for this photo instead of Polarizer filter. When you use the Polarizer filter if you don't want a lot of glare in your landscape photos.


  1. Thanks for an excellent answer to Pauls question. This is the type of info I really need. I have made me a folder where I print and keep these comments for future referance.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to work this photo over with your Nikon Software. Quite a difference when you adjust the WB to warm it up!

    Since my D50 days I learned to leave my EV setting at -1/3 rather than 0 and often after looking at the "Highlights" screen or the "Histogram" screen will reduce it further especially on bright days.

    For this shot you reccommended using a ND filter. What do you know about using two CP filters as a variable ND filter? I am looking into buying some filters, CP, ND, and Graduated ND to add to my camera bag. Looking at your photos and Ron's photos the results seem worth the expense.

  3. Paul, using two CP filters, each CP filter will cut 2 stops of light. So equivalent to 4 stops in ND filter. I have not tried using two CP filters before, but I'm interested to see how is works. Please keep in mind that using ND filter will get shallower DOF in very bright light, and reduces sharpness by enabling a larger aperture.

  4. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.

    It did not even enter my thinking that reducing the light would require a larger aperture which would of course decrese the depth of field.

    I found an interesting product on ebay called "Fader ND Filter (ND2 to ND400)". This is likely two polarized plates combined into one filter.

  5. Shopping on e-bay? Now you're learning!! LOL


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