Sunday, August 29, 2010

Turkey Vulture

At first when I saw this bird flying I thought it was a Hawk. After it landed I saw it's ugly red face and realized it was a Turkey Vulture! Acording to the bird book I have this fellow dosn't usually come this far North, must be "Global Warming".

Took this with the Sigma 120-400 using a Monopod. I am finding that the "Auto White Balance" on the D90 almost always makes pictures noticably "Warmer" then they really are. I wonder if this is just a D90 thing or if all Nikons are setup this way, anyone else notice this?


  1. "Global warming" growing problem.
    It's just too hot this summer time.

  2. First a tripod and now a monopod? You're carrying more stuff around these days! LOL

    I sent this turkey buzzard to you just to say "Hi", We have bunches of them down here! :~)

    This is a nice shot, the light hit the wings just right.

    I've noticed on my D80 and the D300 that the auto white balance is rarely perfect. It's easier to use than switching every few shots if you are outside and things are changing like clouds moving across the sun but it's still not perfect. I know you don't want to here this but shooting in RAW format will make it a lot easier to adjust that in an editing program.

  3. Playing around with RAW recently is what brought this White Balance issue to my attention. Now it's become really obvious to me though I'm sure no one else really notices much.
    In camera I am able to take a raw shot, edit it and process it into a JPEG. The results are hands down better especially the White Balance than just shooting JPEG. The same is true when using View NX or Capture NX2 to process a RAW file into a JPEG.
    Why couldn't I just be content with a point and shoot way back when? Oh well too late now... LOL

  4. Good one Paul! Such a typical pose for these birds on roost or just sitting. Interesting fact about the Turkey Buzzard is that it uses its Sense of Smell as well as its eye sight in locating carrion food source.

  5. Paul, if you set the camera on the vivid mode or high on the contrast, the picture will tend to little warmer on the auto WB. If not, you need to test on the Nikkor lenses to see you have a same result. Otherwise, check your D90 manual to see they have an option to calibrate auto WB. Also, it's good to hear that you like shoot RAW. Love to see someone using a tripod or monopod. Nice Work!


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