Monday, August 2, 2010

Taking a dip in the pool

According to the weather service it was 106.6 degrees here yesterday. All of the animals (including me) were looking for a place to cool off. It was hot enough that I almost didn't get out of the car to take this shot. I really like my air conditioning!!


  1. Gosh I bet that water felt good!

    There is a lot of horizontal features in that photo.Green trees at bottom of pic, water with small waves, a line of buffalos, water with larger waves, a line of stll water, yet another line of wave water, and finally a line of green foliage! That to me makes a fine composed photo!! The green at top and bottom makes a nice frame! Sure couldn't be laying down on side to take that one! LOL

  2. And here I was just looking at the buffalo! :~)

  3. Your not going to get off that easy!

    Ever since I went digital and you guys invited me to this blog it seems I look at photos in a different way. Or maybe its because I am taking more time to enjoy things than before. I'm sure not trying to critique anyones photos, I just like to tell what appeals to me! After all, the old saying " Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder " applies to my thinking.

  4. Don't worry about critiquing photos, that's what the comments section is for. I don't mind having things pointed out, it makes me a better photographer or I just don't post the so-so shots. LOL

    I've noticed that everyone's eye sees something different and that's the great thing about photos. You can dislike the subject matter of a photo but still admire the photo itself and vice versa. There's lot of versatility in photography.

  5. Critiquing was a poor choice of words on my part. Your second paragraph summed up what I was trying to say. I like to point out what I see in a pic and hope everyone else ,visitors and posters on this blog, do the same.

  6. 106.6° that's HOT! I'm with you on the air conditioning thing... LOL
    At first I thought you had Hippos there in your nature preserve until I noticed the horns and fur.

    On the subject of Critiquing. Please, please all of you be critical of my photographs (in a tactful way of course) I need all the help I can get especially when it comes to composition. I am completely compositionally challanged.

  7. Critique in a tactful way? Now you're just taking all of the fun out of it! LOL

    You're a long way from being compostionally challenged! You put up a lot of very thought out photos and for the most part they all work great. Nobody can get it right all of the time.

  8. Just for curiosity! Do you ever satisfy your photography work? I don't! I always see something missing on my picture.

  9. I'm like you for the most part (except the picture taking part, you're a lot better at that) I am hard to satisfy and see things I don't like or should have done differently with every photo.

    I do however see lots of my photos that I like. I may be critical of them but when I get a good one I know it's good and I try not to screw it up in photoshop!

    As Parker has said before, it's all in the eye of the beholder. What you see someone else won't and what they see you may not.

    Taking photos for yourself is a lot easier than trying to please someone else. My kids like some of my photos so that makes me happy, the rest is all about what I am trying to show in the photo.

    How's that for an answer! LOL I am very critical of my photos but if I don't ignore some of what I consider to be flaws I would never have anything to post!


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