Sunday, August 22, 2010


While visiting the outside exhibits of this large and complex museum in SW Oklahoma I was drawn to
this young Smithy heating up his forge by forcing air over his coke & coal fire with this large bellows.
When the fire was burning hot and the metal at its right temperature from being heated in the fire, then he was ready to begin forging and coaxing the iron into his desired shape!
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  1. That looks like work!

    Are you getting clever with the photos, going to black and white with a little color left in the fire? I like it!

  2. I love the second photo, it looks like HDR applied to this shot. Also, I never seen anyone created two tones in one photo that splitted vertically. You got to tell us how to do that. Good Work!

  3. Quynh Le I am not really sure. I believe the tones were created by the smoke and the way the sun was striking the Smithy's face and fence equally. The photo was cropped and saturation and sharpen was applied to enhance. All done with Picasa 3 program. I have not ventured into Photoshop or the Nikon program. Am just beginning Picasa which has alot of tools which is giving me a better understanding of what is possible with the Digital Camera and editing programs. I wish I had a better answer but one day I will!

  4. Quynh Le after re-reading your question I believe the last pic was the one being referred to. If so it also was created in Picasa3. I first edited for color and clarity then went to Focal B&W where after placing focal point I adjusted for size and sharpness. Hope this is a better answer, if not at least its as clear as mud! LOL

  5. Parker, thanks for the info's. Sorry for the confusion, I was asking the photo #3.

  6. I would have to say by looking at these pictures that you are getting a good grasp of post processing regardless of what program you use.

    I like the way you presented the last picture in B&W. Nice shooting!


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