Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Along the banks of Medicine Creek, one ,or a couple, can either build or walk off an appeitite! Ample restaurants provide the fare!
The residents provide the stimulus for the conversation or picture taking, or both!
A laugh, Beep Beep! A fun loving crowd for sure!
After making room for desert, its time to take the road past Mt. Scott to the hidden camp at Doris!
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  1. You beat me to it! The first three photos are exactly the same ones I took when I took the dam photo. I must have been standing in the exact same spot where you took the walkway photo.

    Nice photos! Great lighting on the walkway photo and the peace pipe.

  2. Ron that is strange,your dam photo I have the same image that I took on this same walk. I even edited out the white houses. I was wondering when something like this was going to happen.LOL

    I think I have most of the metal sculptures around town I would like to see how you composed them,I give them all to you!LOL

  3. Looks like a fun place to take the camera for a walk! I like the first picture, it's one of those that make you want to walk in and look around some more!

  4. The first photo remind me of Kauai, nice colors of vegetations. Nice job on controlling the lighting on the high noon time. Good work!


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