Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Found this Turkey Buzzard sitting on a fence post finishing a delicious morsel of Road Kill, ( Possum on the Half Shell ) or Armadillo as it is better known.
The sun had gone down and it was raining off and on. There was very little light to work with and I couldn't seem to pull any color into the bird. So I decided to just go with what ended up being Silhouette's against a rainey background.
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  1. Going with the silhouette worked out. Both good shots! Though I am partial to the top photo.

  2. It looks like a open scenes of a horror movies, and the clouds look like fogs. There's a trick to capture the bird flapping the winds by throw a rock to scrare them, but first, you have to frame the shot, and open the shutter by a romote cord.

  3. I'm a little partial to the top photo myself.

    I think the bottom photo would look great without the bird, just the fence silhouetted against the clouds, especially if there were more of the fence. :~)


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