Tuesday, August 17, 2010

That Dam photo, Again!

Quyhn was gracious enough to rework one of my photos in photo shop changing up the colors in one and turning it black and white in the other. Here are his two versions of my photo.

With all of this talk about layering and masking in photoshop I can tell I'm behind the learning curve on this stuff. I guess I need to dig out my book for dummies using photoshop and get busy!


  1. I have found a great deal of how to Photoshop information on the internet that is usually in plain english. Amazing program really when you consider all it is able to do!

    Yes layers is where I need to sharpen my skills too!

  2. Guys, the software I used on these photos are from Capture NX2. Which I found a lot easier if you don't need involving layers.

  3. Always new doors to open and lessons to be learned! Challanging to say the least!


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