Thursday, August 19, 2010

The bridge over river . . .

Just a little foot bridge across Medicine Creek

Look Ma, I'm walking on water!

OK, so there's a rock just under the water's surface. You have to really look to see it though.


  1. I like the shadows from the railings cast on to the floor of bridge. That is such a neat bridge!

    The dark background really makes the white duck with orange feet standout! Good job!

  2. What a delicate looking bridge... Looks like the slightest puff of wind would blow it over! LOL

    Looks like you have been taking pointers from Quinh on your bird pictures! Nice shot!

  3. I like the bridge photo, good work on the DOF on the handheld, well balance photo from the foreground to the background. It's not a boring photo at all. HMMMMMM, the second photo, how low can you go! Also, TRIPOD TRIPOD TRIPOD. LOL. Good work!


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