Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bird blind

Several weeks ago I read an article about taking wildlife pictures. One section of this article was about blinds for getting in closer to your subject. Where ever possible the author stated try to use the blind you already own and the one that the birds and wildlife are already used to... Your car (or truck in my case).

So today I tried it... I stoped the truck beside the road where there were quite a number of birds in some bushes. Sure enough they all flew away.

But before long when they realized it was just a pickup truck they all came back and started acting like birds again. None of them seemed to notice me pointing the camera at them or were bothered by the shutter noise or anything.


  1. Nice tip! I have used that method also. ( Does that make us " Windshield Photographers " ?

    Nice pics of birds in their natural habitat feeding on what nature intended. They always can tell when the berries are at there best. Really enjoy the pic of bird with berry in mouth ( bill ? ).

  2. Very nice shots! They are all well lit, clear and crisp.

    I've seen people that try to hunt deer with a rifle that way, just before they get arrested anyway! LOL

    I'm guessing these are with the 120-400mm?

  3. I like it! It's nice when you have steadyhand.


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