Sunday, August 29, 2010

San Francisco Bay

I shot this photo with a warm filter. The weather around this place is very unpredictable. Therefore, I just want to take advantage the lights reflecting from the fogs.

I shot this photo on road just before the Golden Gate Bridge Visitor Center. As you can see the background covered with fogs.

Hopefully, you guys will enjoy these photos while drinking your coffee on Monday morning.


  1. Spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge! Your choice to use a warming filter really adds to the city and bridge lights reflecting off the low clouds.

    The second picture has an unusual depth to it, I think the contrasting colours between the land and sea help with this effect!

    Both great shots!

  2. That is a wonderful view of Golden Gate Bridge. I think this is the first time I have seen it photographed in this light.

    Agree with Paul on 2nd Pic. This pic makes me think of Low Tide!

    Pics went very well with AM coffee, Thanks!


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