Monday, August 9, 2010

Logs on rails

Logs waiting to be unloaded, sorted and scaled (measured) before being sold for pulp, export or as saw logs.

Today I was playing around with landscape shots... This time I used the tripod, exposure delay mode and set the aperture to f22 (Though on hindsight f16 might have given me a slightly sharper shot) Still need to invest in a Polarizer filter.
This shot looks a little washed out to me and could use more "body" or "substance" somehow. Is this where the polarizer comes in?


  1. Nice one Paul! Well composed and balanced pic. The curvature of the rails and the logs stacked on the flatbeds draws the eye to the length of the train.

    Good question on the polarizer. I have a Tiffen Circular Polarizer that Ron suggested, but I haven't got to use it much.

  2. Filters Paul, filters!! LOL

    I think a larger aperture may have helped you on this one more than a filter would have but a filter might have helped some. This photo may have worked better at a different time of the day to, maybe when the sunlight was at a different angle on the train?


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