Monday, August 23, 2010


Quick snap shot at the pond near my house. The weather has been 100+ for the last 3 weeks, if the weather continue like this for another 3 weeks, I think my face going to look like this.


  1. I like this shot! Hopefully you will get some rain today or tomorrow with the front that is coming through. If not you may have to go to the spa for a facial! LOL

  2. The front hit here this morning. Feels good but not nearly enough rain.

    That pond is in bad need of a rain!

  3. You have the touch! You can even take an old dryed out puddle and make it into an interesting picture!
    Sure hope you are able to get some work rather than having to sell any of your gear. Still quite a bit of work here in Canada.

  4. Thank You Paul! I probably sell my blood before I sell my gear. I need my photography gear to stay in this Blog. If any of you guys see an Asian guy on your door steps with a camera around his neck, just leave a doggy bag at the front door. Thanks in advance.


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