Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shooting the blue

Man, I go treasure hunting for a day and you guys bury me in photos to look at. Great job!!

With all of this talk about filters I thought I would throw in my two cents worth (again, LOL). If you are wanting some really blue skys, the circular polarizing filter is just the ticket. This photo was taken with a CP filter and all I did to it in Elements was adjust the size of the photo so I could post it easily on the blog.


  1. That CP filter does a good job! Can't wait to use mine some more.
    Did you notice that capture of the jet trail in the left upper center of photo above the cloud?

    Treasure hunting for the day? You lucky dog!!

  2. Yea I saw that jet trail, it looked bigger when I was trying to take the photo.

    I don't know about lucky dog, it was only 103 outside and we were climbing up hills to get some compass readings on a few things. I did get a photo of a second and third carved pistol though. One on the roost and another someplace else :~)

    I'll be posting the pistol carving photo on the treasure blog in the next day or two once I work up a non-descript story to go with it. I don't want anybody knowing where this is! LOL

  3. Sounds like you had a good day treasure hunting!

    That sure is some blue sky in this photo, I'm impressed!

    OK I'm still doing some homework on filters but hope soon to post some pictures using filters be it CP ND or Grad ND...

    What do you know about using 2 CP filters as a variable ND filter? Might be a good way to kill a few birds with one extra stone so to speak...

  4. I'm not sure using two cp filters together will get you the kind of results you are expecting. It could be interesting but not what you expected. Since the CP filters rotate you would have to get the lined up exactly with each other to get the effect you are looking for.

    Besides that, the CP filter removes certain light waves and color where the ND filter is just blocking light in general and not colors. I think you will be better off even with a cheap CP filter and a cheap ND filter instead of two CP filters.

    Quyhn Le will probably know more about this than me.

  5. Double,Double Lucky Dog!! To heck with the 103F and sweat, I would have give a little Blood for those finds!!!

  6. Are you sure you were doing treasure hunting? Normally people looking down on the ground for treasure hunting! LOL.

    Nice Photo!


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