Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pics from today

Went for a short hike today and took a few pictures. The top picture came out better than I had hoped it would but the bottom picture just wouldn't "Pop" for whatever reason. I even spent some time in Photoshop with it but it continued to be just kind of bland. Must have been the lighting or something. One sucess though, the majority of the bottom picture is in focus. Using Quynh's advice I used a smaller aperteure setting. Thank you Quynh!

The purpley pink flowers are called Fire Weed and grow well in logged off areas.


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  2. Paul, if you don't mind I put my 2 cents on the 2nd picture. There are couple things I see in this picture that could be improved if you are willing to make a trip back to this spot again. I don't think it's a lighting problem. Also, this is a great spot for photo ops.

    1. I can see there's a lot of opstructions in the foreground. For example the flowers on the right, and the left are blocking the background. Also, a tree on the top right is a big opstructions for the mountain. If you could change the angle to eliminated the opstructions, or chop it down if your city code ordinances permited, just kidding.

    2. Did you use polarizing filter for this picture?

    One last thing, I can see a lot of flowers on the hill in the midle of the picture. I think if you use this hill as your foreground on the left it would be great. Also, if you can find a better angle, take 3 or 4 pictures, then stich them together. Please use a tripod, you too Ron. LOL>

  3. The bee gave a great point of interest to a colorful wildflower shot.

    Fire Weed, what a good name for that showy wildflower. Thanks for the tip on using a smaller aperture!

  4. A tripod? What fun is that?? LOL

    The top photo is really good! I like the colors and the great detail in the bee.

    I agree with Quyhn Le on the second one, maybe a CP filter would have helped the clouds. Or maybe even a graduated ND filter. LOL


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