Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shots of Opportunity

I have discovered this week that not only do I like to take "shots of opportunity", I also like to be comfortable when doing so.

The temperatures here have been 105+ degrees for the last several days and they are forecast to stay that way for several more days. That makes it extremely uninviting to go outside and look for those photo opportunities. With that said, I have started to dig through some of my old photos and touch them up in photoshop since I can do that in the air conditioning.

This one is from a series of photos I shot about a week ago trying to catch some sunset colors. Hopefully I won't run out of photos before the heat goes away! LOL

I used a graduated ND filter on this one to shut down soem of the light in the sky.


  1. Ron, this is a good shot of opportunity! Most of the time I have heard the pro said, we need to apply rule of 1/3 on the horizon. Personally, I'm disagreed with the pro on this photo, the way I'm looking at this picture is that the composition on this photo captureed the reflections of the skys. Therefore, it's a winner if the viewer captured the key points of your photo. Also, did you shoot this one on the tripod, and did you preset the WB?

  2. Very colorful! Nicely reworked in Photoshop. Have to get a set of ND filters.

  3. I'm beginning to think (always gets me in trouble) that time spent in reworking photos after the field work is done is equally important. You are spending your time wisely! Beating the heat and brushing up your Photoshop skills.

    Excellent sunset ! Good composition!

  4. Paul, do I just need to buy you a set of ND filters and send them to you?? LOL

    Parker, next time you're here will get you set up with photoshop. :~)

    Quyhn Le, I agree about the rule of thirds. I usually ignore some of what the "pros" say and just try to take nice photos. I was wanting to get the reflection of the sunset as much as the sunset itself and the rule of thirds would have killed this shot.

    This was taken with the camera set to auto white balance and it was handheld.


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