Sunday, August 22, 2010


June we got .8mm, July we got 5.3mm and today we got 4.8mm of rain. Roughly translated that is just under 1/2 inches of rain in almost 3 months. Big deal right? Well when you consider that the West Coast is a Temperate Rain Forest that's real dry! Last year in the same 3 months we had 191mm (nearly 8").

So this morning I took a picture of water droplets falling out of the trees into a puddle as it's been a bit of a rare thing lately!


  1. We take every drops of rain as we can here in Texas, and Oklahoma. It's nice to see watching the rain with a cup of Kauai coffee.

  2. And a nice pic at that! I imagine the rain was most welcome as it would be in our part of the country.

  3. First off, I appreciate you translating the millimeters into inches, I hate have to go to conversion table sjust to see what you are talking about! LOL

    I like this shot, I think it's because of all of the rings created by the drops hitting the puddle. It could just be that I wish we were getting rain too!


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