Saturday, August 28, 2010


Today my intention was to do a proper job of taking a landscape photograph...

First rule: The picture has to have a subject.
Second rule: Keep rule of thirds in mind when setting up photo.
Third rule: Try to use leading lines whenever posssible.
Fourth rule: Keep horizon level in photograph.
Fifth rule: Use smaller aperteure setting to get foreground and background in focus.
Sixth rule: Use exposure delay mode so mirror flipping around in camera doesn't cause bluring.
Seventh rule: Use your tripod! I think I recall Le Quynh saying something about this several hundred times!

Sure are alot of things to keep in mind for one silly photograph LOL!


  1. Well I've never been one to follow the rules but this is one hell of a photo! Very, very nice!!!

    Great sky, perfect reflection in the water and a nice leading line from right to left. Oh yea, the horizon is level! LOL

    This is a fantastic shot! Well done.

  2. And a most proper photo was the results of your efforts. Everthing is well composed and in focus. The lilly pads really add to the appeal of the photo. I am drawn all the way across the water to the far shore.

    Thanks for the seven rules for achieving a proper landscape.

  3. Bravo Bravo Paul! With all of the efforts for a silly photograph, but it's an awesome result for a life time. If you did not use the CP filter for this one. However, this photo is a exceptional photography wihtout it. Also, this place it seems to be a nice place, I would come back to caputure the reflection of the Sunset. Thanks for using a tripod. Nice Work!

  4. Very special picture. Good job indeed!


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