Monday, August 2, 2010


While visiting Anadarko,Oklahoma recently I drove thru the large city park where my cousins and me used to play. I had completely forgot about the Croquet Courts! Does anyone still play this game! ( Now lets see ---where did I put my croquet set??)
Apparently there are still players in Anadarko! The court was in good repair and the signs were freshly painted . There was another court besides this one . Forget about the the croquet set , what the heck were the rules??????????
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  1. I know when I was growing up the rules were: Don't hit each other with the mallets!

    Nice little piece of nastalgia there. I think you're showing your age!! LOL

  2. Heck, I don't know about that age thing. You remembered the rules! LOL

  3. Nice photos and story to go with!

    Just for the fun of it I googled Anadarko Croquet... Aparently this place has been there for quite a while. One article from 1941 about a near drownding refered to the Randlett croquet courts. Sounds like a very nice City Park.


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