Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ao Dai

Please don't ask me why I'm adding the frame on these photos instead the others. But, I will tell you how if you have Adobe CS4 or CS5.


  1. Fabulous portraits (In Hawaii?) I especially like the second picture in this group! For whatever reason this picture brings to mind similar photographs I have seen from the WWII era.

  2. I like all three of these but I really like the bottom one. I like the way you used the light and the tree seems to disappear into the dark at the top of the frame. I'm guessing a flash was used?

    Hawaii?? Sounds good right about now, well actually anytime!

  3. Your portraits are so well done. The traditional dress and bamboo forest in the B&W compliments the young lady.

    This bottom photo reminds me of portraits from the 1950's that were taken in B&W then tinted with water colors. This photo really appeals to me.


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