Monday, August 16, 2010


These photos are from last weekend in Dallas convention center. I was there for the Taekwondo tournament, not for this body builder event. I just don't know how a person could have this much muscles on their body. Also, I did not know there is a Hot Moms competition in U.S.A. Sorry guys, I couldn't post those pictures.


  1. No Hot Moms photos? Now you're just holding out on us!

    These are some really nice black and white photos! Did you make the background black or were you shooting in a place that had a dark background?

    And just to add my two cents worth, the lady in the second photo is a little scary!

  2. Ron, the background it was a black curtain. Since, I don't have a reserve seat in front of the stage, so I have to shoot on the side. But, I rather be on the side instead of shooting at western backdrops in the midle. The 2nd lady make you scary! these are just amature level, you got to see the pro level.

  3. I like your choice to use B&W in these photos also the lighting from one side really adds to these pictures. Nice shooting!

    When it comes to bodybuilding I think that there is a fine line between grotesque and beauty...

  4. I agree with Paul. B&W format accentuates the human form in a competition like this.


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