Saturday, August 21, 2010

Danger at Twilight

The wife and I went for a drive a few days ago looking for some locations where I could get some good sunset photos. As I drove by these prairie dogs you could hear them chirping up a storm and I couldn't figure out why.

Until I looked in the same direction they were. They were all worried about being Wiley Coyote's dinner. Of course I didn't have the 150-500mm lens or a tripod with me so I had to shoot on the fly. I guess I wasn't a good boy scout on this trip because I just wasn't prepared!


  1. These pics illustrate a part of what makes the Refuge so special! Being able to observe the interacting of the hunted and hunter in a wild natural setting each with their role in the food chain! Nice observance and illustrations of this scene!

    Wiley and his Dawg groupies ain't got time for tripods! They like to be photoed on the fly!

  2. Guess that would make these "SHOTS OF OPPORTUNITY". Nice shooting!

    The evening light really complements both pictures, especially the bottom one.

    So far Quinh is the only one between all of us who can get a good shot of a moving subject using a tripod! I know I sure haven't been able to so far...

  3. When you talking about landscaping, and wildlife photography. It's all about the lighting, and you have done a good job on these photos. Could you tell me the exactly location on the prairie dogs.

  4. Quyhn Le, the prairie dogs are on the left side of the photo! LOL Sorry, couldn't help myself. :~)

    These prairie dogs are in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge near Lawton, OK. About a three hour drive northwest of Dallas.

    I really need to save up for a good f2.8 telephoto lens. I think I would have gotten better photos of the animals had I been able to shoot at a faster f stop.


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