Thursday, August 5, 2010


Ron gave me the idea of touching up some earlier taken pics. These are three attempts using the Picassa program.
This is a fun program that is easy to use. It seems to do alot for a free download. The more I play with it the better the results become.
I don't have Photo shop at this time but this seems to be an excellent program for a newcomer as myself to begin understanding enhanceing photos.
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  1. The last picture is a classic macro shot. I love the purple color in the background, it makes the yellow flowers really standout. Good work!

  2. 3 very nice photographs! I especially like the middle picture, the flower is all in focus and stands out nicely against the background.

  3. Great shots! I'm with Quyhn Le, (sorry Paul LOL) I like the third shot the best. It has great compostition and I like the color of the background, it makes the flowers really stand out.


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