Saturday, August 14, 2010

Golden Lights.

This is a same lake that I shot the Ao Dai model that you see from previous post.

Found this Goat skull about 100 miles from this location. I thought it would be a nice gift for my wife to put in our garden. Also, I just want to add this skull to this shot to make more dramatic.


  1. Wow you really captured the sky's reflection in the lake surface!
    Ha Ha the old bleached Goat Skull trick! What a perfect subject for the foreground in this beautiful desert scene!

  2. I really like that blueish gray area where the lake meets the hills, it really accents the sky and waters golden color.

    Visual proof for all photographers and hikers, always take plenty of water on your adventures!!

  3. If the heat doesn't go away soon I think I'm going to look like that skull!

    That makes a nice photo with the skull! Bait and props, you're a man on means!! LOL The lighting on this one is really nice.

    I love the water photo, great reflections and colors!


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