Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Nemesis


Ever since I moved here I have been seeing this gray hawk flying around the area. I started carrying my camera with me as much as possible thinking I would see him and would be able to get some good photos. As luck would have it, everytime I have my camera I never see the hawk and on the few occasions I don't have my camera I always see the hawk.

I think he hides in the trees by my house to see if I leave with a camera or not and the shows himself when I don't have it!

I was driving through the campgrounds last week and had the D3000 with the 18-135 lens with me and all of the sudden, there he was. I was able to shoot a few photos before he grinned and flew away. We, maybe he didn't grin but it sure looked like it! LOL

One of these days I will see this bird again and I will have the D300 with the 150-500mm lens and get the shot I really want. And before you ask, I have no idea what kind of bird this is other than it appears to be a species of hawk.


  1. Patience, my friend, Patience!

    You've got a real good start until the picture you want comes along! Thanks for the story! We will all stay tuned in for the next episode and photo!!

  2. I never seen this kind of Hawk before. I guess I have to keep my eyes out for this one. You have metioned 150-500mm lens, have you ever try to rent one Nikkor 200-400mm?

  3. This must be one of those rare Nikonshy Hawks... You watch some tourist with a Cannon point and shoot will walk right up to your Hawk and take hundreds of pictures next time you leave your Nikon at home. LOL

    This shot turned out good. Usually these shots are backlight for me anyway...

  4. Quyhn Le, I live out in the sticks and there isn't any place to rent camera equipment. I would probably have to drive to Dallas (about two hours away) to rent a lens!

    Paul, I agree, this was back lit more than I wanted and there are several other things wrong witht he photo to. I was just happy that I actually got a photo! LOL It figures I would only have the D3000 with me when I did see him.

    I'm going to try to do a lot of shooting this weekend so maybe I will get lucky and see him again. The wife is going out of town to see the grandson so I can goof off while she's gone! LOL

  5. Coincidence, while walking in the park this AM I noticed some birds like this one. There was a birding couple observing them so I asked what they were and they told me Mississippi Kites. Also said the Kites fed on insects and were year round residents. So maybe the bird will have a name.

  6. Thanks Parker, I'll have to look that up.

    That wasn't the name I had for this bird! LOL


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