Thursday, August 12, 2010


I'm not sure what kind of Hawk this is, may be Parker will help me out.
Also, please let me know if you feel I'm hogging this Blog with my photos


  1. Elegant and Beautiful are the first name that comes to mind!

    I'm not really a good identifier although I have tried to educate myself and have a real good book to help! This might well be an adult male American Kestrel according to " The Sibley Guide to Birds". If any real Birders out there please jump in, I'm treading deep water here!!LOL

  2. Quynh Le,
    I am a guest contributer to this Blog. I enjoy each and every post that you make to this blog! You give me inspiration to become better and I personally need visual stimulation to understand what a picture is capable of being! Do I understand all of the mechanics behind what I consider a perfect picture NO! Should I expose myself to these kinds of pics? Yes-Yes and Yes! Do I read all of your advice? It is all printed and saved for reference and studied. All of you guys on this blog contribute your skills unselfishly. I believe everyone on the blog appreciates and looks forward to each others posts! What a good way to wake up in the morning and be able to say, Charlotte(wife) you've got to come see what Quynh Le posted, look at these pics of Vancouver Bay by Paul, See these pics of clouds and sky and sunsets Ron nailed! I even get lucky and have a good one! ( These I show my wife first! ) As for myself, I was surprised at your question,WHAT !!

  3. Parker, thank you for your honest responds. I'm apologize to ask a dump question. I always enjoyed to look at everyone photos in this blog, and I would share all my knowledges to everyone if needed. Also, I'm appreciated everyone here willing taking your valuable time to comments each of the photos. By the way thank you to Charlotte for her valuable time too!

  4. Please continue "Hogging this blog"! LOL Quinh you just keep the pictures coming! It totaly inspires me to learn and improve my own photography techniques! I'm sure I speek for the others also.
    This is an amazing series of photographs! If you captured these images in the wild then you need to pass on how you manage to get so close!

  5. Paul, this is not a one day shot. To get close to these birds is easy, all you have to do is shooting with 400mm or 600mm. The hard part to following the birds after their caught your baits. These shots are from Utah just 1/2 hour from Arizona border. As I was driving from Utah to Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness in Arizona just about 1/2 hour from my destination, I found these birds were hovering in the air near the road. So I stop the car, and observe them for few minutes. Shortly after that I saw one bird caught one of the lizard nearby. Once, I know what they after for the meals, I start hunting for these lizards in that area. I was surprise there's a lot of them hidding under the rocks or the bushes, and some snakes. About 1/2 hours I came up about 50 lizards for baits. Oh I forgot this is a hard part too, these little suckers is fast, so I have to use my monopod to stop them, and most of them endup dead. Due to the long delays, I have to continue to my destination, and kept these babies in the coolers for tomorrow. In the next day I came back to the same place, and same time around 8-9 o'clock in the morning. To get these birds taking the baits, I spacing out about 10 "dead" lizards in 20 spft. and no more than 5 mins. three birds tooks the baits. It happens so fast, and being a small bird I could not focus at the time the bird grabbing the baits on the ground. So most of the shots on that day in the air or on the branch. Oh, another hard part is chasing these birds with a tripod, and a camera mounted with 600mm. Yep! there is one tourist stop the car and asking me am I taking picture a "BEAR". LOL.

  6. Are we working up to a group hug or what? LOL

    Quyhn Le, you are in no way hogging this blog. It is here for us to post photos and EVERYBODY enjoys seeing your photos and learning from you. Please continue to post what ever you want when ever you want. We appreciate the contributions greatly!!

    Now about those lizards ...

    Now I see how you are, cheating! LOL

    I never would have thought about that, I would have just complained that I needed a bigger lens!!

    What's another word for terrific? Because that's what these photos are. Lots of color and detail, fantastic subject, extremely clear and sharp, maybe I ought to stick to photographing the clouds!

  7. Talk about " Shots of Opportunity ". This is " CREATING SHOTS of OPPORTUNITY "


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