Monday, August 2, 2010


In Paul's last post he mentioned a near drowning in 1941.
Not for sure if this pool had a role or not.
My Dad was born in 1922 and told me he always remembered this pool. We were not from Anadarko but some of are family were. And yes Paul this is a nice park which also has RV hookups!
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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog it's always nice to see other places and photography is a great medium for that. So keep snapping away. Thanks for visiting my blog the more visitors the better I am hoping to build up a community that can pass on knowledge and ideas that can help improve the skills of everyone involved. So the bigger the community the more creative we can all become. If you have any question let me know Kev

  2. History, one of these days this place will probably be all houses!

    That looks like a pretty fancy "above ground" pool! LOL

    The pool shot would have been perfect for a wide angle lens. How full is you piggy bank?

  3. Good work! This is one of weak point in photography that I need to find, and shoot historic interest places.

  4. What a cool above ground pool! It looks like the change rooms and what not are built right into the walls of the pool. Never seen that before. Must have been good cement back then too considering it was all built in 1926!


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