Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Dam Photo

This one is in need of some repair, the dam that is and hopefully not the photo!

I shot this one through some trees and although I could have zoomed in I thought the outline of the foliage was interesting. I also cloned out a few things in the back ground.

Here is what the original photo looked like.


  1. Good job of cropping but I also like the original with totally framed subject. That is a nice view of Mtn. and water falls.

    Hey, was that my white truck going up mtn. that you cloned out of pic? LOL

  2. Nah, not your truck, just some guy pulling an iron chest out of the water. :~)

  3. Would have liked to have seen that! That was a real good job getting rid of the houses!

    Back to the chest, there were some pretty notorious people that hung out at that little village. Chest in the creek, Quien Sabe! LOL

  4. Very Good, Very Good! Did you try to work on these photos in NX2? Also, did you forgot your tripod again?

  5. Quyhn, you keep forgetting I'm a photographer of opportunity, I rarely have my tripod with me! LOL I'm working on it, I'm starting to carry more of my gear with me so I can do the kind of shots I should be doing but I'm old and I learn slow!

    I haven't tried the NX2 yet, between work, life and the honey-do's I probably won't have time to even look at it until this weekend. I will though. I'm always looking for something simpler to use! LOL


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