Wednesday, August 4, 2010


  1. I just love birds of prey! They are the original fighter jets! They seem so noble and they know the sky belongs to them ! Look at that flared tail and steadied wings as he lines up for a landing. Quynh Le were you lying on the ground with a rabbit on your chest?LOL Seriously that is an amazing shot!

    New Mexico or Arizona is such a neat place with outstanding light. Eveyone should visit just to be able to take photos in the lighting conditions. This photo reminds me of riding my motorcycle with a small rain shower following me for at least a half hour with the light everywhere but a small area where it was raining.

  2. Beautiful Hawk/Osprey photograph! The lighting is definately right in this photograph.

    From experience I can tell you it is difficult to get a good shot of a bird flying towards you! Almost always they are headed the other way! LOL

    Classic desert shot, looks like right out of an old Western Movie! Is this in Arizona?

  3. Yet another fantastic bird photo! I agree with Paul, the lighting is perfect! You can see all of the colors on the hawk and you caught him just at the right time with all of his feathers showing.

    Maybe parker has an idea, I may have to go catch me a "wabbit". LOL


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