Thursday, August 12, 2010

Being Alone On The Road.

If you look closely, you can see both of these photos have a same background. Just across the road from the top photo, and the bottom photo. The time interval about 30 mins. between the shots. Also, I was here for over 45 mins. and I did not see a car drove by. I'm not sure I will do that again!


  1. These are both great shots! The lighting in both are fantastic! I'm not sure which one I like best but I think I'm leaning towards the bottom one.

    As far as being alone on the road, i like it that way! Especially if I'm taking photos.

  2. Your time was not wasted. Catching that sunlight to light up your subject plus the background of clouds and sky makes for impressive pics! The fence line really works to bring my eyes from left to right ending at the well lit hill feature. Seems I just drove by the scene. I enjoy being the only car out there.

  3. You really captured Mother Nature's mood with these two shots!

    Though both are spectacular I'm of the same mind as Ron, I really like the bottom shot!


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