Monday, August 16, 2010

That dam photograph

A week or so ago Parker suggested I take my wide angle lens to the dam where he had taken a photo before. Contrary to my "I hate early mornings" lifestyle I decided to get up early one morning as we were supposed to have storms rolling in and I thought a wide shot of the dam with the sunrise and broken clouds in the background would be great.

As usual, the weatherman was completely wrong with the forecast and there wasn't a cloud in the sky! I decided I would wait a while and see what happened so I did some work in my yard. As luck would have it, some nice puffy clouds started to move in about 9:00 a.m. so I grabbed my gear and headed for the lake. Ten minutes later when I got there the clouds were gone! I think I was saying something bad about Parker right about then! LOL

The first photo is cropped down because I was shooting into the sun with no clouds!

This second photo is from the other side of the dam (looking west) and is a better photo in my opinion. There wasn't any water flowing over the spillway since it has been dry and over 100 degrees for the last two weeks. It was hot and humid when I went to take these photos and again, not a cloud in the sky. Did I mention I was saying bad things about Parker? LOL

This was the best of the day as far as I'm concerned. I walked out to the center of the dam and turned around (looking south) and that's when I stopped cussing Parker!  :~)
This was taken just above the spillway looking down the valley.

These were all taken with the Sigma 10-20mm with a CP filter. The first and last ones were turned on the vertical when shot.


  1. I thought I heard my ears ringing!! But just think, now you know exactly where to stand when the dam has water going over the spillway and the sky is full of clouds with the sun just coming up!!LOL At least you got some work done early.

    The Sigma 10-20 in the 2nd pic produced a good shot but I'll agree the clouds would sure help the skies. I like the perspective of the wide angle showing the stairs, the curvature of the dam, and the stairs on the other side which shows the bridging and daming of this deep canyon.

    That is a great canyon to photograph! Way to go!!

    Appreciate your sacrifices! LOL Oh, there should be clouds early AM tomorrow,,I Think!

  2. WOW! Nice photos! I like a person willing to sacrifices for a friend. I love the #3 picture.

  3. "Dam" those are good pictures! LOL
    I would drive over and take a few shots of that Dam too if it wern't so darn far!
    Sure can get allot more into the frame when you can open up to a 93° viewing angle.
    I like the middle shot, too bad about no clouds...

  4. There are clouds this morning Parker, and rain!

    I think I will wait for the sunset to try to get those good sky photos of the dam. LOL


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