Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where curbs come from...

For the last few weeks around Port Hardy crews have been diging up the sides of the roads, hauling away pavement and generally making a mess of trafic. Then several days ago some fellows came around and pounded metal rods in the freshly exposed ground, then carefully atached a wire running the length of these metal rods.

Then this funny looking machine showed up... Before long some fellows had it all lined up with the wire running the length of the metal rods, a cement truck showed up and suddenly it was making curbs! Lots of curbs, all over town there are these brand new curbs... Before long someone will have to make side walks and lay down some fresh ashphault to go with.
What is happening to our rugged little frontier town! The young rebbels who showed up here 40 years ago to work at the brand new mine are old, fat, married and have grandchildren. The great big noisy 4x4 pickup trucks have given way to mini vans and nice cars... Next thing you know they will put in a Wall-Mart! LOL


  1. New generation, new development you are going to see around us as we aging. Sorry to see your rugged little frontier town going away. Soon or later we going to need a Wall Mart nearby so we could go buy our diapers on the electric wheelchair, and a Oxygen tank with a Nikon sticker on it.

  2. What a dandy story and pics to go with!

    Just wondering???
    Do you count yourself among the young rebels who showed up 40 years ago? LOL

  3. Uh Oh, Parker is getting back to the "old man" comments. LOL

    Sometimes progress is good, like when they develop a new DSLR or lens but at other times, like when the small towns lose their identity to progress it kind of sucks!

    Very nice commentary Paul. Did you get signed releases from those "models"? LOL


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